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Welcome to my homepage! I am a free/libre software activist and computing scientist. I wear a few hats around GNU, including as a GNU maintainer, Savannah hacker/admin, assistant GNUisance, and the founder of GNU Canada. I also volunteer with the Free Software Foundation. I currently work as a Software Engineer on the Desktop Team at Canonical.

You can write to me at via email, optionally encrypting your message with my GPG key.

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See my curriculum vitae, links, or head over to the persian (فارسی) section.


My articles and notes on topics and issues I care about.


Less structured thoughts and musings, and occasional replies to those of others.

Except where otherwise noted, the above logs are marked with CC0 1.0 Universal and are dedicated to the public domain. The logs and other site material are also available via Gopher, from gopher://


The talks and presentations I've given over the years.

Last updated 21 May 2023